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Facial Analysis and Homeopathy

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After 12 years of research Hahnemann presented his theory regarding the origins of chronic disease the miasms Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis were triumphs in Homeopathic understanding. Extending on Hahnemann's original idea of three primary miasms Facial Analysis and Homeopathy details the development of the complex miasms Tubercular Syco-Psoric Syco-Syphilitic and Cancer as well as the three primary miasms. Facial Analysis and Homeopathy contains a step by step guide to learning how to analyse facial features with patients photos, teaching sketches and charts.It includes the major polychrest remedies and their miasmatic allocation via the HFA method. Being able to observe the dominant miasm of the patient using a clinically trialled and reproductible system is an indispensable tool for the homeopathic practitioner leading to more accurate prescribing and deep acting remedies. This book contains the history and development of the HFA method and teaching tools to aid the Homeopath in learning and utilising these concepts. Facial feature identification can be incorporated into any classical Hahnemann's case-taking method.
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