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This is the English version of "homeopathy faith". Homoeopathic Faith !-People of Japan Wake Up Contents Chapter One - Beyond the Denial of God Chapter Two - Beyond the Denial of Our County Chapter Three - Beyond the Denial of Shinto.
A short quote from the Foreword:
One day in 1996, after I had returned to Japan from England to seek opportunities for the promotion of homoeopathy in Japan, I received the revelation that "the Gods are lamenting." At that time, I was unable to understand what the message meant, and in the course of my daily activities I quickly forgot about it. However, whilst writing this book my memory of it has returned. Thinking about it now, I feel that it is because we the people of Japan have lost our faith and are therefore incapable of displaying the potential within our own lives, that the Gods have been lamenting.
My initial motivation for writing this book was the events surrounding the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear incident. I cannot help but think that these two events happened because we Japanese had to learn something important, even though the cost was thirty thousand people's lives and a radiation leak.
By the way, it is fifteenth year since I received the message referred to in the opening sentence. My wish is that this book will help in even the slightest way, with retrieval of the faith of we Japanese, the love of our country, our racial pride and our self respect. I also wish that it will help for us to retrieve the high spirituality and inwardness, which is the essential nature of the people of Japan. Ultimately I believe this is the true restoration of Japan and an issue with which every one of us has to work on, in order to repay the sacrifice which the people of the Tohoku region have undertaken.
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