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Repertory Made Easy Volume 3

By Arun Kumar Lall
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Homeopathy as a system of medicine has got several advantages over every other system as follows:

1.These are prepared and standardised according to the methods prescribed in the American Pharmacopeia by reputed firms over a century's standing in USA.
2.They are most suitable for domestic and professional practice as they are easily available for use in the form of globules.
3.They are cheaper than any medicine in any other system of medicine. They are the most suitable for a poor country like India and other poor country as well. It is possible to extend necessary medical help to the poor people even in the remotest part of the country.
4.As the doses administered are very small there is no danger of over dosing.
5.There are absolutely no bad effect left in the patient as a result of excessive medication.
6.Homeopathic system of case taking coupled with physical examination of the patient gives a true picture of the remedy on the other hand the Allopathic physician has to give a name to the disease before he can prescribe any medicine.
7.They are highly efficient in their action which in extreme cases work as wonderful change in the condition of the patient at a critical stage.
8.They are both preventive in the initial stage and also curative in later stage. Most diseases can be aborted by proper application in their initial stages before they develop into a complicated one.
9.Gradually peoples across the globe are showing their great interest and adopting homeopathic treatment even in most lingering and fatal cases.

I am hopeful that this repertory based on my practice and research will prove a boon to the society across the globe. I had been a great admirer of Dr. J.T.Kent . Symptoms and remedies described in this repertory is based on my practice and research of Dr.J.T.Kent.
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