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Repertory of Hering's Guiding Symptoms of our Meteria Medica-Agumented & Rev.Ed

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This magnimous repertory is a compilation from Hering's Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica and belongs to the class of concordance repertory. The order of arrangement or method of classification followed in the compilation of this repertory is the one inaugurated by Hahnemann, developed, perfected and used by Hering throughout his entire Materia Medica work that is, the anatomical or regional division into forty-eight chapters. One important feature of this repertory is that it carries a chapter on drug relationship. The organ-wise classification of first 34 chapters follows Hahnemannian scheme and rest of the chapter represent the reaction of the whole day. Organ-wise classification follows the following order: ! Above Downwards ! From within outwards ! Functional symptoms first followed by the organic conditions ! First the parts & then the whole day. Each chapter is alphabetically divided into sections and rubrics sufficient to allow full scope for analysis of the matter contained therein without destroying consistency as a whole. The marks of distinction of rubrics is as follows: two double thick II line is BOLD CAPITALS single thick I line is ORDINARY CAPITALS two thin double II line is Bold Roman single thin I line is Roman Italics and the fifth is ordinary Roman .
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