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    This is an excellent manual of homeopathic treatments, focusing solely on female Menstrual problem and her health. It discusses the topic of Menstruation or Monthly period in a detailed manner as it is one of the most important function of the female organization. All the Menstrual disorders are written along with their homoeopathic treatment and management. The book also give guidelines which a female needs to know on the onset of puberty and during her menstrual cycles.

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  2. Non-Surgical Treatment of Diseases of Glands Non-Surgical Treatment of Diseases of Glands

    Non-Surgical Treatment of Diseases of Glands

    A small but unique description of a polycrest remedies “Lycopodium”. The book provides a complete portrait of a Lycopodium patient. It makes the lyco picture more clear and definite. It is well presented and covers source, doctrine of signature, history pharmacology, and typology from physical and mental point of view, proving, constitution, miasms, diathesis, and particulars. Also lists etiology, various characteristics, lyco tears, anxieties dreams in a symmetrical form. it describes the mental and emotional topics of lyco. The unique feature of the book is tabular comparison of lyco with similar remedies in terms of personality and mental aspects. It provides to complete and enormous information about lyco that after reading the book it would be difficult to miss a lyco patient. Learn More

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  3. Therapeutics of Serpent Poison Therapeutics of Serpent Poison

    Therapeutics of Serpent Poison

    A compilation of the lecture delivered by the master at London Homeopathic Hospital discussing on the common & distinct peculiarities of the serpent group of remedies-informative & wholesome in it's content Learn More

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  4. Revolution in Homoeopathy Revolution in Homoeopathy

    Revolution in Homoeopathy

    This is an ambitious and detailed work from a much beloved practitioner and educator. Hahnemann Revisited is comprehensive and instructive for both novice and master in the healing arts of homeopathy.

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  5. Indigestion: Its Causes & Cure Indigestion: Its Causes & Cure

    Indigestion: Its Causes & Cure

    The book describes indigestion and its causes in brief the homeopathic treatment of various types of indigestion, highly illustrative case notes of homeopathic treatment of indigestion, recommendations for diet as well as a materia medica of the foremost indigestion remedies. After describing the normal process of digestion, the author also goes on to sketch the various deviations from the normal and to show how they may be avoided and how to cure. Few cases have been given for practical guidelines. . Suggests treatment of indigestion with illustrative cases . Diet in dyspepsia . Short materia medica of indigestion with practicular indications Learn More

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  6. Decachords TOP TEN INDICATIONS of 120 Homeopathic Remedies Decachords TOP TEN INDICATIONS of 120 Homeopathic Remedies

    Decachords TOP TEN INDICATIONS of 120 Homeopathic Remedies

    When a student is first introduced to the materia medica the he is bewildered by the mass of symptoms presented under each drug and he often seeks for a way out of the seeming maze. "Decachords" will provide the earnest student with some necessary clues guiding him to a practical acquaintance with more frequently used remedies. A number of additional remedies have been included at the end of the book, the indications taking the form of "Pentachords". These bring the total of drugs dealt with up to one hundred and twenty. The notes are gathered from various sources. Due acknowledgments are made to Sir John Weir and Dr. Wheeler, whose valuable lectures have furnished much of the material. Well-known works by Drs. Allen, Cowperthwaite, Nash and others have also been drawn upon for many keynotes.

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    The pocket sized clinical repertory that contains dosage suggestions. "Without a doubt this the best book published for beginners in homeopathic prescribing of... the next time you feel too fagged out to make a thorough study of the remedy for some puzzling case, you will have something you have longed for." The book was updated by Clarke in 1925-40 years after its release. Now, in your hands is the third edition which has been revamped by the editorial team of B. Jain Publishers. It is one of the best books concerning therapeutics. Its small size makes it an easier book to consult than Lilienthal's larger work. Many top prescribers have been lead to the correct remedy by the differentials offered by Clarke. This new edition has been totally revamped: - The print area has been increased from 5.5 x 3.5 inches to 7 x 4 inches. - A bigger font has been used which makes the reading pleasurable.

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