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Homeopathic Materia Medica Books  - The words MATERIA MEDICA are derived from the Latin language which mean  ‘materials of medicine’. Materia Medica books provide us with the symptoms which were shown as proving symptoms in the provers or to say in other words, the symptoms, the drugs are capable of producing. Materia medica is the study and collection of the actions of the drugs derived out of different experimentations like clinical trials, pharmaco-dynamic effects, accidental proving, toxicological proving, etc, which includes pharmacognosy, pharmacy, pharmacology, and therapeutics.  Materia medica is considered as the instrument in the hands of the medical persons combating the diseases. There are hundreds of homeopathic materia medica books and there are different styles in which they are written and organized. To retain detailed information about the medicines, it is necessary to study each medicine in a systematic way and from number of various different books. Also, there is no one way to study materia medica, each one devises their own systematic way. 

The types of materia medica books which could be referenced from are:

- Clinical Homoeopathic Materia medica

- Schematic (Anatomical) Materia medica

- Picture type of Materia medica

- Psychoanalytical /interpretative Materia medica

- Monograph’s of homoeopathic medicines

- Therapeutic type of Materia medica

- Keynote Materia medica

- Materia medica of physiological action

- Materia medica based on the provings 

Homeopathic Materia Medica Books – If you are looking for the Boericke, Aspidosperma, Bryonia, Kent, Nux Vomica or any kind of Materia Medica Books then you can buy from here.