The Homeopathic Heritage is the oldest and the largest circulated international journal in homoeopathy. Since 1976 more than 15,000 homeopathic lovers have trusted The Homoeopathic Heritage as the best source for quality information on homoeopathy.

Educated homoeopathic professionals and teachers of today and tomorrow turn to The Homoeopathic Heritage for the need-to-know information and inspiration that they can't get anywhere else.

The Homoeopathic Heritage gives in-depth knowledge on new research, more clinical cases and clinical experiences of renowned homoeopathic physicians.

The Homoeopathic Heritage is published under the strong leadership of Dr. Farokh J. Master, Editor-in-Chief. He is the leading international teacher and has authored more than 30 books in homoeopathy.

Mr. Kuldeep Jain, Publisher represents B. Jain Publishing House, The world's largest publisher of alternative health.

The Homoeopathic Heritage has the most number of international teachers attached to it than any other homoeopathic journal in the world.

Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea Mr. Grant Bentley
Ms. Miranda Castro Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain
Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Dr. Farokh J. Master
Dr. Robin Murphy Dr. Uttareshwar R. Pachegaonkar
Dr. Roberto Petrucci Dr LM Khan
Dr. Chaim Rosenthal Dr. Todd Rowe
Dr. M.K. Sahani Dr. Luc De Schepper
Dr. Jan Scholten Dr. Frederik Schroyens
Dr. Sanjay Sehgal Dr. Yogesh Sehgal
Dr. Jeremy Sherr Dr. P.K. Sudhir
Dr. Praful Vijaykar Dr. Torako Yui

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  • Scholarly journals use this process to protect and maintain the quality of material they publish.
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Topics of Upcoming Issues

The topics for the upcoming issues of The Homoeopathic Heritage are as follows:

August 2019 Susceptibility - The concept and its usage in homoeopathy June 15, 2019
September 2019 Scope of Homoeopathy in Tumours management July 15, 2019
October 2019 Dermatological disorders and homoeopathy August 15, 2019
November 2019 Use of different repertories in management of clinical cases September 15, 2019
December 2019 Miasmatic diagnosis and its application in Homoeopathic management of diseases October 15, 2019
January 2020 Menstrual disorders and Homoeopathy November 15, 2019
February 2020 Utility of Homoeopathic Management in Orthopedic disorders December 15, 2019
March 2020 Role of Homeopathy in Psychological disorders January 15, 2019
April 2020 Endocrine disorders and their Homeopathic Management February 15, 2019
May 2020 Scope of Homeopathy in Hypertensive disorders March 15, 2019
June 2020 Role of Homeopathy in Management of Stroke April 15, 2019
July 2020 Hyperlipidemia and Homoeopathy May 15, 2019
August 2020 Utility of Homoeopathic Remedies in cases of Kidney failure June 15, 2019
September 2020 Skin diseases and Homoeopathy July 15, 2019
October 2020 Homoeopathic Aggravation August 15, 2019
November 2020 Role of Homoeopathy in Lifestyle Disorders September 15, 2019
December 2020 Cancer and Homoeopathy October 15, 2019

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