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  1. Practical Physiology & Pathology Practical Physiology & Pathology

    Practical Physiology & Pathology

    This book is designed with a purpose to solve all problems of examinees which arise specifically at the moment of practical and oral examination in the subject of physiology and pathology. The book contains a large number of laboratory investigations and also a number of solved critical questions. The language is very simple and all subjects are described in a clear manner so as to make easy to understand for every student. Learn More

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  2. Dietetic Restrictions & Recommendations in Homoeopathy Dietetic Restrictions & Recommendations in Homoeopathy

    Dietetic Restrictions & Recommendations in Homoeopathy

    An effective management of a patient, to ensure his recovery to health, is almost as important as administration of a similar medicine. All physicians would agree to the fact that an improper management in a particular case may result in slow recovery of the patient or worse, the patient s death. One case acquire the knowledge of management of disease from any of the existing classical text-books on practice of Medicine. A homeopathic physician, however, besides this, is much more interested in the management of a sick person on an individualised basis. This is due to the fact that he knows "a man is more important than his parts". Learn More

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  3. Medicine - The Voyage through time Medicine - The Voyage through time

    Medicine - The Voyage through time

    This book is a master piece on the subject "History of Medicine". It is interesting and elaborate work which introduces us to past and present of medicine, unbolts the way to progress in future and allows us to understand the present state of medicine to make it flawless. It covers the evolution of medical science from the very time of conception to present gigantic state.
    The book has been appropriately named "Medicine- The Voyage Through Time" as it takes the reader to a journey through time looking at key features that has led to this present state of medicine.
    The content of the book is drawn by referring almost all available literatures on the subject.
    In this work one can read about various stalwarts and contributors with their contributions to the system.
    The book is fully colored which gives it a beautiful look and presentation,
    Great readability and flow of text.

    Learn More

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  4. Homeopathy Today Homeopathy Today

    Homeopathy Today

    You Name It, We Have It for any Books on Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Magnetotherapy, Yoga, Nature Cure, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Pranic Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Hypnosis, Aura, Dowsing, Aromatherapy, Vastu, Reiki, Health Care, Palmistry, Astrology, Crystal Healing, Sexual Care, Neurology and Alternative Medicines. Learn More

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  5. Constitution & Temperament Constitution & Temperament

    Constitution & Temperament

    This book is a compilation of the treasure works of Dr.Pierre Schmidt .It includes various articles published by him during his lifetime such as ‘The Art of Case Taking’, ‘The Art of Interrogation’, ‘The Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon’, ‘Defective Illnesses’, and many more.  A great work with various case illustrations and a practical guide towards the principles of case taking repetition of dose.The books enlightens the reader about the practical aspects of clinical practice and thus helps in the proper treatment of the patient.

    Learn More

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  6. A Syllabus of Diagnosis A Syllabus of Diagnosis

    A Syllabus of Diagnosis

    The book dates back to 1890, when its author, Dr. Burnett, discovered the Bacillinum nosode. Before proclaiming his findings to the then medical world, the author had himself taken the nosode as a short drug proving and then used it in his daily practice to treat cases of infectious tuberculosis of various types. The book is the result of this hard work; it is basically the presentation or thesis of the author’s findings with respect to the nosode. The book records 54 cases of consumption treated by the author with the nosode with favorable results. In the second edition, he has included additional notes on the subject, further elaborating his experiences with the nosode.

    Learn More

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  7. AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Links AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Links

    AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Links

    We doubt that a substantial portion of those, with the virus will ever 'become sick with AIDS. We also dispute the possibility of curing AIDS with a drug or vaccine directed against the supposed viral cause... We outline a new interpretation of the genesis of this disease and indicate ways of coping with it, of limiting and averting its Further depredations. The AIDS virus is probably little more than another 'opportunistic' infection of an already destroyed immune system-at the most a 'co-factor' which may possibly give rise to AIDS when combined with other factors ... the search should be for factors which undermine the immune system and thus predispose to infection with ... the AIDS virus and others which may ordinarily be quite innocuous. The continuing assault on the immune system from the drugs used in modem medicine has helped prepare the ground for the modern scourge of AIDS. Learn More

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    The book imports the experience and knowledge of a respected homeopath, who has discovered, through years of practice, a variety of methods to improve one's case taking skills and strengthen the relationship with one's patients. It shares valuable information on how each and every one of us can progress in our unique way and continually improve. After all homeopathy is all about individuality. Learn More

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