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Author: Kavita Chandak
ISBN: 9788131925966
Imprint: B.Jain Regular





Woman is the best creation of God. She is blessed with the major responsibility of Motherhood, the divine duty to bring a new life into existence! For this, the woman needs to undergo different stages during her whole life, namely, puberty, menstruation, adolescence, ...Read More

Woman is the best creation of God. She is blessed with the major responsibility of Motherhood, the divine duty to bring a new life into existence! For this, the woman needs to undergo different stages during her whole life, namely, puberty, menstruation, adolescence, marriage, conception, labor, breastfeeding, and menopause. To make these transitions easy and hassle free, Homeopathy has a lot to offer.

There might be various books written on gynaecology and homeopathy then what is different in this book? Why should it be read?

The author observed that maximum number of women from underprivileged classes is still enduring mental and physical troubles. They never consider themselves as important as other family members due to the influence of their childhood upbringing. Suppression at emotional level manifests diseases on physical plane and healing women term makes sense when we are obliged to make her healthy at physical and mental level.

This book is the author’s sincere attempt towards smoothening of life events of a woman related to Gynaecology and Obstetrics, with the knowledge achieved for more than two decade’s experience of her Homeopathic practice.

Book is divided into 3 parts-

First part covers obstetrics and gynaecological conditions

Second part covers case taking, importance of dreams, delusions, posology, rare remedies with their indications, Homoeopathic gynaecology kit and clinical tips in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Third part covers Homoeopathic management of 33 case studies.


What to find in the book?

- All chapters include the introduction, causes, symptoms, rubrics and its homeopathic treatment.

- Auxillary management and clinical tips from my experience are mentioned at the end of a few chapters and cases.

- Mental issues during and after pregnancy like mood swings, nervousness, melancholia, depression are covered along with its homeopathic management.

- Case studies mentioned in this book include the anamnesis (physical and mental symptoms), analysis, evaluation, rubrics, laboratory readings before and after treatment, justification of remedy, prescription and follow-ups with my way of approach in individual case.

- Clinical repertory for Gynaecology is included with the chapters. Repertory along with 33 successful case studies (by overcoming the failure).

- Description of a few modern remedies like Medullosseinum, HPV etc;

- Guidance about the application of Homeopathic philosophy in clinical practice (aphorism numbers are mentioned)

This book is a significant & valuable tool for the learner, teacher & practitioners in their service to humanity through Homoeopathy. 

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Pages 206
Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
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    May-09, 2023

    Dr Kavita Kukunoor

    Book Review of Healing Women with Homeopathy by Dr Kavita Kukunoor ft Dr Kavita Chandak In the words of Dr Kukunoor - There are many books in the market for women's health but this book is very unique in its own way as it has a defined structure as a way of accessing problems from menarche to menopause covering a wide variety of diseases. It's an amazing book providing great homoeopathic information by sharing her clinical experience, indications, including Materia Medica, Repertory and application of homoeopathic philosophy and 33 acute cases including cancerous conditions. In each page she provided so much information that shows her handwork, dedication and commitment towards homoeopathy. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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    Mar-13, 2023

    Dr. R.D Tapadia

    I feel privileged to write a foreword for the book authored by Dr. Kavita Chandak on homoeopathy in gynaecology and obstetrics. The author had drawn from her vast repertoire of experience in the field of homoeopathy and made sincere attempt towards smoothening of life events of a woman related to gynaecology and obstetrics. This book showcases her brilliant effort and experience in managing difficult and different clinical conditions of a woman in gynaecology. And I believe that it will offer the students of homoeopathy, practitioners and gynaecologist a valuable treasure, a companion to deal with female disorders. Homoeopathy as an alternative medicine which reacts based on the principle of " Likes cures likes " when compared with conventional medicine or modern science in regards to gynaecological disorders. Homoeopathic medicines have shown tremendous potentials in bringing out desired positive response. Homoeopathy is the perfect complement to the science of gynaecology. I hope that this effort put down in this book would be appreciated and accepted by students and the practitioners as well.

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    Jan-19, 2023

    Dr Ajay Dahad

    A true practitioner of healing art is, "who clearly perceives what is to be cured (Disease), what is curative in it (Medicine) & how to apply it (Principle)." Here the author has very appropriately illustrated the theme entitled, 'Healing women with Homoeopathy.' In this work the author enlightened & explored the ray hope with healing touch in the life of Women by Homoeopathy. The different epochs in the life of a female have been narrated appropriately & explained very systematically in order from menarche to menopause. lt is a true feminine, sensitive, gentle & complete way to deal with all the physiological/pathological epochs in the life of a female. This facilitate & helps in conceptual understanding about 'Determination of disease (Case taking), individualising the diseased (Analysis), therapeutic approach (knowledge of medicine) and the management (through case studies). Here we find a unique integral approach of Organon-Repertory-Homoeopathic materia medica to manage with Homoeopathically. The salient feature of this work is, scientific narration & artistic presentation with rational explanation & justified evidence in Toto. Author really deserves to congratulate & thanks for such precise & concise work as an asset esp. for beginners. Reviewed by - Prof. (Dr.) Ajay O. Dahad SNJB's Smt. K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College & Shri R P Chordiya Hospital & Bhamashih Shri V. D. Mehata Dev Vijay PG Institute of Homeoepathy & Research centre, Nashik

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    Nov-03, 2022


    To Know More About the Book Please Watch this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-Uecc7YhrM&list=PLVINKiqDwyQXePuFR7qmMO6oJiHFBl4Ti&index=28

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    A woman's health is a dynamic process beginning from puberty upto menopause. Women's emotional state reflects on her physical symptoms throughout her lifespan. Emotional and hormonal health condition of a woman is the main determinant of her health status beginning from menstrual regularity to fertility, pregnancy, delivery, puerperium and upto menopause. Because of these facts, homeopathy is a unique science encompassing with it's holistic view of physical, emotional and social health of the women. Due to these aspects, homeopathy presents effective and quick solutions to women's health during all periods of her life, as well as during her motherhood period. Physical and emotional healthy pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding is the main concern areas to be dealt with for future healthy generations. Dr. Kavita Chandak has proved the value that she holds for women and she has given a precious gift for women's health with this book of ‘’ Healing Women With Homeopathy’’. In her book, she has given importance to all the dynamic states of womenhood giving importance to puberty, menstruation, adolescence, marriage, fertility, pregnancy, labor, puerperium , breastfeeding and menopause. She has also included male fertility problems as well as female cancers including the presentation of case studies. This book is a comprehensive guide to homeopathy in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, including potency selection, importance of dream and delusions in homeopathic analysis. She has also touched on rare and lesser known remedies with specific indications. I am thankful to Dr. Kavita Chandak for sharing her immense knowledge, experiences and contributing to women's health with this unique work of hers "HEALING WOMEN WITH HOMEOPATHY" Dr. Mine Sıdıka Kermalli Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Homeopath Ankara/ TURKEY

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    Aug-26, 2022

    Dr. Firuzi Mehta

    Unlike my usual book reviews, for this one, I read a soft copy. I missed having the actual book in my hand as that plays an important role in the whole sensory perception of the book as well – quality of the pages, the real appearance of the book, etc. Hence this review will truly focus only on the content- worthiness of the book. I will start by saying, I’ll be buying the book. It will truly be a valuable addition to anyone’s library of homeopathic books. Dr Kavita Chandak has penned a lovely book on a topic that impacts 50% of our population – the women of the world! This is a book that will serve as a wonderful text for students of homeopathy, esp. when they need to have the knowledge of therapeutics in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. And for the regular practitioner of homeopathy, it will serve as a quick reference work, where remedies can be narrowed down easily and quickly, to suit the pace of a fast practice. As Dr Frass wrote in his Foreword to this book, “The book covers the most important and widespread gynaecologic disorders starting from menarche to menopause.” Many women, esp. in Indian society, go through their lives, by prioritizing their families and their children, but neglect their own selves and their needs. Health issues are also often neglected and relegated to the back burner. If women were to use homeopathy for curing their issues and getting themselves into a better state of health, how much society would benefit! In homeopathy, we have a gentle means of healing at our hands – let’s use it to help this very precious and important 50% of our population to lead happy, healthy lives! The book has a detailed description of female diseases, the Materia Medica of related medicines, description of a few modern remedies, etc; guidance about the application of Homeopathic philosophy in clinical practice (aphorism numbers are mentioned), and use of Repertory along with 33 successful case studies (by overcoming failures). The book starts by dealing with the issues that arise at the start of womanhood – Puberty and goes on, to describe issues that could arise at every stage that follows in a woman’s life – Reproductive age, Pregnancy, Delivery and Labour, Menopause. Each group is dealt with in detail, with the possible medical conditions that could arise, their causes, the role of homeopathy for them, and then there is a brief description of the indications of the different homeopathic remedies commonly used for that condition. Dr Chandak also describes auxiliary measures that one could follow simultaneously, to help the process of cure. Clinical tips are mentioned at relevant places, which highlight the remedies which frequently are of great benefit. Rubrics are mentioned at places, where needed, esp. by homeopaths beginning their practice. The chapter on Menopause is followed by a chapter on Cancer. More and more women fall prey to this worrisome condition and Dr Chandak has done a good job of describing the different types of cancers that affect women, along with the role of homeopathy and the homeopathic management of cancerous disease. The next chapter is that of Case Taking and highlights the importance of individualizing all the gynaecological symptoms the patient may provide. Potency selection, the importance of dreams and delusions, understanding the core of some important female remedies, the homeopathic gynaecology kit, rare small lesser known remedies with their indications, are other chapters that follow. Towards the latter part of the book, are the Case Studies. This section gives details on the thought process, analysis and evaluation, the rubric selection, remedy choice, follow ups for the cases. Clinical Tips for female genitalia is the last chapter which is followed by an Epilogue and the extensive Bibliography Dr Chandak has used to write this beautiful book. In ending, I will say that this is a book that will be a welcome addition to the libraries of all homeopaths. Dr. Chandak, we look forward to more books from you! About the reviewer: Dr. Firuzi Mehta was brought up with homeopathy and qualified as a homeopathic physician in 1996. She then did her H.M.D. from the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London in 1998 and also studied Iscador Therapy for Cancer from the Lukas Klinik, Switzerland. She completed Prof. George Vithoulkas’ e-learning programme from The International Academy of Homeopathy, Greece a few years ago.

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Kavita Chandak

Dr Kavita Chandak, a homeopathic doctor working in Nagpur, India. Went through the trouble of breaking taboos on conventional medicine and opened up the field for a healing method that is unfortunately known to only a few medical opinion leaders. The fact that she does not do this with the fanaticism of homeopaths who are uncritically convinced of this method, but always looks for scientific approaches that lead to amazing findings, is respectable.

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