Wonder World of Mother Tincture in Homeopathy with Therapeutics

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The mother tinctures have been a starting point, the mother source of all potencies in Homeopathy because they are well effective hands-on medicine; result oriented in acute diseases where results are needed faster and its quickness of prescribing without hesitancy is cherry on the top. 

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The mother tinctures have been a starting point, the mother source of all potencies in Homeopathy because they are well effective hands-on medicine; result oriented in acute diseases where results are needed faster and its quickness of prescribing without hesitancy is cherry on the top. 

Mother tinctures are well grounded and dependable and one of the most reliable medicines to use even in chronic cases of diabetes, hypertension, asthma etc. and Rauwolfia’s wonderful effect on blood pressure is known all over the world. 

Mother tinctures give a freedom of generalisation and people are inclined to receive faster results and instant relief, for it, this is a book that fulfils this requirement and provide instant prescription. This book was a long awaited work in Homeopathy. It is valuable as therapeutics and a treasure of experience has been added to it. 

This work of Dr. Kanodia contains Materia Medica of more than 500 MOTHER TINCTURES with the directions about dosage and repetition. It attempts to present a catalogue of remedies for immediate outcomes in clinical practice without undermining the classical prescription. 

SPECIAL CHAPTERS on - Instant distress redeemers in mother tinctures, clinical hits, minute and delicate comparisons, rare secrets add weightage to this work.

Gratefully this book encourages to utilise the myriad gift that that nature has offered!

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    About the reviewers- Dr. SHILPI RASTOGI - Working currently as Professor& Head in Department of Anatomy, Yenepoya Homoeopathic Medical college & Hospital, Yenepoya Deemed to be University, Karnataka. Dr. YASHASVINI JP HEGDE - Working currently as Assistant professor in Department of Case and Repertory at YHMCH, Yenepoya Deemed to be university. Practicing at SaiSusheelaclinic,Mangalore. ABSTRACT This book is structurally simple to be a valuable everyday resource to the classroom educator and clinicians. This book is Hieroglyph that will help you understand the myriad aspects of the hidden treasures of 347 mother tinctures and 154 rare mothers. This book has aimed to achieve success in dilating the field of Homoeopathy. CHARACTERISTICS OF THIS BOOK Macroscopically, this book is divided into 3 sections 1. Section I List of mother tincture 2. section II Therapeutic Hints 3. Section III Pearls of wisdom from Homeopathic ocean Microscopically,it is an autodidact Book Section I List of mother tincture This section encloses alphabetically arranged 347 mother tinctures and the perpetuation of 154 rare remedies. Each mother tincture follows a general arrangement OF • Clinical • Preparation of respective mother tincture • Brief symptoms • Dose and acute and chronic cases • Some practical tips have been elaborately explained Section II Therapeutic Hints This section has 169 mother tinctures with the most indicated remedy for faster access of the clinicians for the quick fix of the patients. Section III Pearls of wisdom from homeopathic ocean This section is the focal point of this book. This section answers some unanswered questions of students. • Understanding the domain of mother tincture This section author gives a thrust to the readers to cultivate the use of "LIFE SAVING” mother tinctures • Stalwarts quotes on mother tinctures This section anachronisms where our stalwarts have given their opinion on mother tinctures. I would like to quote from the book "Dr.M.L Tyler says he used Viburnum in many cases of neuralgia and spasmodic dysmenorrhoea and has yet to meet a single case where it failed to cure it." • Instant distress redeemers in mother tinctures This section has remedies quoted by Homoeopaths who have found immense results by using this mother tincture. The author says he would be delighted if the readers understand I would like to quote what "He says don't divide mother tincture and dilution in a different world but to select pearls of different design and color from this realm. Example:Solidago- It is named as catheter inHomoeopathy • Clinical hints of mother tincture This section serves as a navigational aid for the clinicians to give instant relief for the patients in distress like this. Alphabetically arrangement of disease is given with the combination of the most indicated mother tincture with the general management. Example:Toothache-A drop of Aconite Q on a cotton bud, put in the cavity of teeth will give quick relief. • Minute and delicate comparisons With a very vast Materia Medica this section is a boon as it gives remedies with similar remedies that have similar & Contrast indications. This section acts as a practical and easy-to-use guide to higher-order thinking. Example:Natrum Mur has white discharge and Natrum Sulp has yellow discharge • Rare secrets of sure result in disappointing cases As a reviewer, this section is the keeps you gripping to the book and as a clinician, this is most beneficial in cases where we haven't got good results. Example:Bacillinum does not act till Thuja has been given and then it acts beautifully • Danger zones not clarified in mother tincture The all ways say "You have to take the good with the bad "this section has given danger zones of some mother tinctures stated by a different author. Example:Crataegus in Boericke’s Materia Medica states that it is a heart tonic, but doesn’t have a mention that it has to be taken empty stomach. Highlight Crisp, hitting the target – kind of an explanation of Homoeopathic mother tinctures following through 10 validated source books of Homoeopathic Material Medica, of rare remedies adding a new array to prescription. CONCLUSION Mother tincture in Materia Medica is in the stage of clinical verification and research. This book is a boon to the young homeopathic soldier to reconnoiter the mother tinctures.

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Dr. K.D. Kanodia, B.A.(Hons), M.D.S.H., N.D., D.I (Homoeopathy, London), M.R.S.H.(London), is the author of about two dozen books on homoeopathy, social and religious aspects. He is a life member with the D.H.N.A, New Delhi and a member of the international homoeopathic League, Geneva. He has been serving homoeopathy through charitable dispensaries and reknowned hospitals and has received much appreciation from state C.Ms, governors, chancellors, and scholars of repute.

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