Imponderabilia Homoeopathic Direct Energy Medicines

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Author: Dr Rajeev Saxena
ISBN: 9788180564017
Imprint: B.Jain Regular






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When I was working on Sarcodes and Nosodes, I feil in love with Direct Energy Medicines. The beauty and intelligence of these remedies stole my heart. I enquired about the literature, but, I found that there is no sufficient matter available on these medicines. So, I decided at once to work on these miraculous medicines.For the first time. a separate work is coming on Direct Energy Medicines. These are the most potent medicines in hands of homoeopaths. The factor of speciflcity is also an additional factor attached with them. With this great characteristic or feature, they can be used at bed side quickly and very effectively.I have tried to cover all the aspects or realm of these medicines. From theoretical insight to practical approach, the whole journey regarding these medicines has been completed. I do not claim for the perfections of this work, but I have put all my mental energy to analyse the hidden and mysterious Divine power of these medicines.

Pages 144
Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
Weight 100

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Dr Rajeev Saxena

Dr. Rajeev Saxena, has a distinguished and brilliant academic record. Literary activities of medical science pertaining to homoeopathy and other alternative systems came to him very naturally and these are tremendously popular in homoeopathic fraternity. His flair is to expose those subjects of homoeopathic medical science which are thought to be obscure, tough and complex. He has so far given to Homoeopathy indispensable works like "A Study of Sarcodes", "A Phenomenological Study... Read More

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