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The Chronic Miasm with Repertory

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The work by Dr J H Allen( Former professor of Miasmatics, in Chicago, at the Hering College) on The Chronic Miasms, is a very in depth discussion on the teachings & concepts have been wonderfully laid down in this book, in a manner that both the young men of the profession as well as the busy practitioners can be benefitted from the work and can apply Hahnemann's law of cure in their profession. This book not only gives a full and exhaustive description of the actions of the miasms in all its forms, in all its, but also the disease and complications that may arise eventually. The second volume of this book deals with the synoptic symptoms present in the different stages of the disease. Besides this, a complete therapeutics of Gonorrhoea, Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary organs in general, together with the treatment of Dysmenorrhoea in its multiple presentation has been incorporated.
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