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50 Things That Cause Acne

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Acne is a chronic inflammation of the pilo-sebaceous glands with a curious multi-factorial aetiology. Treatment would therefore be effective if all the causes are addressed at all levels, be it hygiene, food, hormones, drugs, stress or myths. Inara Hasanali has, with her years of experience as a nutritionist, researched the possible culprit foods that have been linked to acne and the flares that accompany acne. The formidable food list attempts to create a level of awareness. Its usage has to be coupled with a food challenge diary over a period of time, in which a meticulous record is maintained to show an increase in acne or a flare of acne with the inclusion or exclusion of a particular food along the lines of a “who-dun-it”. This book is not a substitute for treatment with a specialist; however, it will be an eye-opener to people suffering from acne, especially those on long term antibiotic intervention. If used with realistic expectations from a preventive perspective, it will certainly help towards the effective treatment of acne and the mutilating scars they can form if left unattended.

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