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"Discover Tarot" by Neera Sarin is a complete 78 card tarot deck, based on Rider-Waite Imagery and with the upright and reverse meanings on each card. This deck is meant for beginners in tarot who cannot yet remember the meanings or simply for those who want their tarot reading to be easier. As each card has the most popular keywords, this reminded me of an Oracle deck. Every time you can have a very easy and effortless tarot reading without having to remember the meanings. This deck is also great to use when studying tarot, or as a keyword guide.

The cards are of a sturdy card stock that reminds me more of a carton paper than the laminated card stock. It is of a standard tarot size that is about 2.5"x 4.5". The backs are purple with two yellow/golden birds and reversible. The front side of the card has small white borders, the background color is yellow/ (or peach), the meanings are written in white on top of the purple lines on the card's top and bottom. Each card has the traditional naming with the ruling. Each major arcana card has the name of the ruling planet attached. The image itself is pretty small (1.5" x 2.5") and is a computer based Rider-Waite clone. Some cards differ slightly from the Rider Waite imagery. Generally, the deck has a very Egyptian feel to it as colors golden and purple are the colors of the Ancient Egypt and its wisdom.

The deck doesn't have a guidebook or a little white book with meanings attached because all the meanings are printed out on top of each card. The deck has two additional cards out of which one gives us more information about the author Neera Sarin and the other one offers instructions on how to read cards and four popular spreads: 

1 card spread
3 card spread

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