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Homeopathy Viewed Diagnostically Part-1 (with remedies)

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The name of the book is self-explainatory. It is a research work of the author to find out the Homœopathic remedies in conformity with the diagnosed disease, a patient may suffer with, as done in the modern system of treatment. And it is not just looking into the symptoms only, a patient bears with. Obviously, the findings are much more effective and quicker in response.

The book(part-1) comprises of the writtings on remedies of E.N.T, respiratory tract, G.I.tract, female , rheumatism, skin and a few nerve (epilepsy, vertigo etc.) related diseases. A comprehensive formulation of the effective potency is a special attraction of the book.

The diagnostic approach of this kind as envisaged by the author does follow the Homœopathic philosophy but with a modern and scientific application as per the demand of this age.
It may explore a new dimention in Homœopathic treatment.
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