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There are six main sections to this book as detailed below: Part I — Philosophy and Utility of Miasm: Here I have taken the opportunity to discuss the philosophical background of miasm and to share my views regarding suppression and the need for miasmatic prescriptions in the modern world. Key words are presented to reflect the miasmatic tendencies.
Part II — Miasmatic Diagnostic Classifications: Starting with the mental symptoms, this is a head to foot schematic classification of the four miasms, including my tips for rapid miasmatic diagnosis.
Part III — Miasmatic Diagnosis of Clinical Classifications: In this section, I have shared all the possible clinical nosological names under their respective miasmatic headings with a view to enable fast diagnosis of the corresponding miasm.
Part IV — Miasmatic Ancestral Tips: All the tips of my four generations of miasmatic prescribers.
Part V — Miasmatic Repertory : This is a totally new concept and once again aimed for your quick miasmatic diagnosis.
Part VI — Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines: A comprehensive guide to the weight, value or gradation of the medicines and listings of the leading anti-miasmatics.
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