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    A K Sharma is a MBBS and holds the MD, DV from London. Has been an avid writes with significant contributor to homeopathic literatures to more understanding the allied subjects of medicine easier and comfortable. He has authored a number of books including on pathology, physiology, jurisprudence, medicine, gynecology and hygiene.

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  2. Guide to Midwifery Guide to Midwifery

    Guide to Midwifery

    The author endeavors to cover a common problem that the physician comes across in his daily practice i.e. leucorrhoea and the other catarrhal conditions of the genital tract. It focuses not only on the therapeutics but on the clinical pathology as well for better understanding and prevention of some of the serious maladies This book takes the reader through all aspects of midwifery from the diagnosis of pregnancy, abortion (miscarriage), labour (and all deviations of), accidents and diseases incident to labour and various obstetrics operations including forceps delivery, induction and caesarean section. Although this book is not homeopathic in scope it offers the practitioner some valuable information on midwifery. Contents Year of Questions Foreword Introduction 1. 1965 2. 1966 3. 1967 4. 1968 5. 1969 6. 1971 (Final) 7. 1972 (Final) 8. 1972 (Supple) 9. 1973 (Part II) 10. 1974 11. 1975 

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  3. Guide to Gynaecology Guide to Gynaecology

    Guide to Gynaecology

    A useful book meant especially for undergraduates & graduates for quick revision in their preperation & refreshing of the subject of gynaecology with homeopathic therapeutics of the various conditions this treatise is meant mainly for undergraduates for preparing and refreshing the subject for examination and will serve its maximum utility if the subject has been previously referred from some standard text book. The subject matter has been presented in a question and answer format for quick revision. answers to the questions are very precise and given point wise. useful diagrams have been included at the back for a better grasp of the subject.

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