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    George Vithoulkas lectured in this seminar on treatment tactics for patients who show several layers of pathology compared to patients who need constitutional prescribing. One important focus in this seminar concerned the differential diagnosis of fear and anxiety states. Another topic of importance was the need to discriminate between real symptoms produced either by the patient's circumstances or by the administration of previous wrong treatment. Several brilliant and instructive video cases and their follow-ups where shown as illustration. Two of these cases were life threatening; through his handling of these cases Vithoulkas showed that a homeopath must remain very perceptive to all that he encounters during the interrogation. He stressed the importance of correctly determining pathology as well as evaluating the changes following the administration of a remedy. Vithoulkas also explained what changes must take place when the remedy has really begun to be effective. Furthermore, he showed how easily the practitioner can be overwhelmed by the interrogative situation, and how this can lead the practitioner to misinterpre the patient's reaction to the remedy. Learn More

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  3. Levels of Health Levels of Health

    Levels of Health

    Levels of Health -The Second Volume of "The Science of Homeopathy" by George Vithoulkas and Erik van Woensel

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  4. HOMEOPATHY - Medicine for the new Millennium HOMEOPATHY - Medicine for the new Millennium

    HOMEOPATHY - Medicine for the new Millennium

    Homeopathy is the branch of medicine which cures on the basis of similarity to the whole healthy condition of the patient, rather than addressing symptoms in isolation. In this revised and expanded edition, world-famous homeopath George Vithoulkas presents the historical scientific basis for the discipline in simple terms, and shows that homeopathy not only addresses the health of the whole person, but can succeed in treating many chronic conditions regarded as incurable by conventional medicine. Learn More

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    Talks on Classical Homoeopathy has been compiled from materials of yranscript of the recording of the Esalen Homeopathic Conference held in California, USA, 1980. This book is written in a conversation style and alienated into three parts: Part I - This section presents 33 carefully selected clinical conditions (cases) for discussion out of collection of 60,000 cases. Each chapter has been devoted to particular remedy and theme of the remedy on which prescription is based. Part II - Different subject on homeopathy have been covered under this section. The last chapter has a question answer session on miscellaneous topics which answer many queries which practitioners face while in practice. This part also has glimpse from George Vithoulkas' life from the period when he was first introduced to homeopathy. Learn More

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  6. The Essence of Materia Medica The Essence of Materia Medica

    The Essence of Materia Medica

    'George Vithoulkas and his work needs no introduction or recommendation. Yet, this is a book which we would like to recommend to every homeopath. In the "Essence of Materia Medica", he has painted the essence of 51 remedies. While reading every remedy, a clear portrait of the patient with minute details comes out in front of you. He has given a description of the type of person most commonly affected by a remedy at the start of most remedy portraits for example, the Kalium carbonicum patient with a strong sense of duty heightened to an inflexible, rigid degree. In every medicine Vithoulkas has described a common thread/theme going at all three levels of the patient, for example in Alumina, the theme of delayed action and slowness is visible at all the three levels. Many medicines are compared with other closely related medicines having similar symptoms. The comparison of the essence of various related medicines helps a lot in choosing a correct remedy. This book is reflective of the vast clinical experience and knowledge of the author. With this book, he has carried the efforts of Kent in creating the remedy portraits to the next level. He has himself acknowledged that he has drawn a lot from the Kent's Materia Medica and Repertory. He has been able to show the development of remedy pictures in a very evolutionary manner, which helps in creating a better understanding of the medicines presented in this work. The book is well compiled and the presentation of the material is very lucid and systematic.'

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  7. The Celle Seminars The Celle Seminars

    The Celle Seminars

    The seminars given twice a year in Celle provided such an abundance of instructive cases, demonstrating the practical application of the theoretical basis of homoeopathic work, that it was a must for us to transcribe and publish them. So much invaluable information is given there, that it is not possible even for the participants to integrate everything they hear while attending the seminar. Therefore we are happy to be able to offer the Celle Seminars, in their entirety, to be studied and considered by those who attended the seminars and for all others interested in advanced homeopathy at its best.

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  8. Materia Medica Viva - Spanish Conjunto de 12 Volúmenes - Prof George Vithoulkas Materia Medica Viva - Spanish Conjunto de 12 Volúmenes - Prof George Vithoulkas

    Materia Medica Viva - Spanish Conjunto de 12 Volúmenes - Prof George Vithoulkas

    Numerosos profesionales homeópatas me han estado pidiendo durante largo tiempo que escribiera "mi materia médica". Sienten que la información que he proporcionado en diversos cursos a lo largo de los años debería llegar a un público más amplio. Hasta la fecha, esta información ha estado disponible solo para un limitado número de médicos homeópatas. He pospuesto esta tarea hercúlea durante muchos años de caras a crear las circunstancias necesarias para hacer justicia a un trabajo tan inmenso, a saber, comunicar mi experiencia, conocimiento y comprensión de nuestra materia médica. Learn More

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