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  1. Snakes to Simillimum Snakes to Simillimum

    Snakes to Simillimum

    Dr Farokh undertook a journey to Sao Paulo (Brazil) and visited Instituto Butanta to study venomous snakes and insects. He learnt all about snakes and observed them, which allowed him to perceive every snake remedy. After returning from Brazil, Dr F.J. Master decided to start proving those snakes whose Materia Medica was not sufficient enough to evolve the mental picture in homeopathic language. This book is the result of his exhaustive efforts and consists of detailed provings of lesser known snake remedies.

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  2. Concordant Reference Concordant Reference

    Concordant Reference

    Concordant Reference represents an extensive sifting and culling of the classical homeopathic materia medicas. Remedy source information has been corrected from the original texts. 1209 remedies are included with more proving symptoms from T.F. Allens Encyclopedia to complement the mostly clinical information from Hering; Our lesser known remedies benefit most from Vermeulens work on Concordant Reference.Concordant Reference reflects recent changes in homeopathic techniques and scientific knowledge. By improving the accuracy of the original material and adding scientific classification, Concordant Reference uses the classical materia medica to build a solid foundation for the modern practice of homeopathy. Family Information on Plants, Animals, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. Each remedy is broken down into Generals, Mind, Dreams, Body sections, Modalities, Relations and Causation. Sections on Food and Drink, Heart, Limbs in General, Upper Limbs and Lower Limbs for easier reference. Also, each section of the body is further divided into Sensations, Pain and Objective. Sections on Sensation, Mind and Dream reflect the recent developments in case taking, case analysis and prescribing that have shown to be so effective for today’s homeopath. Concordant Reference is a single-volume work of roughly 2,200 pages, beautifully printed and bound to last through years of clinical practice, study and reference. It is the first in Frans Vermeulens new "Reference Series.

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    James Tyler Kent Unpublished Materia Medica is a compilation of lectures given by Kent in various places like Hering Medical College and Dunham Medical College. It brings into light the superb work of Kent, many new pictures of the standard, well known remedies and materia medica of some new remedies not presented before by Kent (Abrotanum, Robinia, Tabacum etc). The remedies have been discussed elaborately under the heads of general and particular features.

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    An excellent supplement to Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine by a master of homeopathy . Some of the areas covered include: - how to study the Materia Medica and the Repertory, susceptibility, miasms, potency choice, the single dose, methods of prescribing, antidotes, the second prescription, reactions, and comparative remedies. Learn More

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  5. Synoptic Reference Synoptic Reference

    Synoptic Reference

    There is such a wealth of information in the homeopathic materia medica that a concise but thorough, structured but adaptable summation is needed to assist the overawed student in studying and the busy practitioner in retaining the essentials. This is the aim of SYNOPTIC REFERENCE. SYNOPTIC REFERENCE’s 500 remedies have been selected from over 6000 available remedies, ranging from the most traditional to the very new. Some are well-known with many uses and others are rare and little known. All are presented with a host of useful information. Moreover, some remedies do not appear in an appreciable way in any other materia medica. The remedies occur in the following divisions - 274 Plants, 132 Minerals, 64 Animals, 18 Nosodes, 10 Fungi and 2 Imponderables. This accurately reflects the proportion of various kingdoms and groupings in the entire homeopathic materia medica. The plant kingdom is by far the largest, followed by minerals and then animals. The extensive Source and Substance section includes the latest scientific names as well as accurate and up-to-date placement in the appropriate kingdoms or groupings. Correlations between source and symptoms are in a “Prisma-like” fashion. Characteristic features are described that enable prescribing on and comparison with materia medica, clarifying and highlighting the importance of certain symptoms in the materia medica. From the earliest times in homeopathy, connections between symptoms and qualities of substances have been noted and incorporated in remedy pictures. This has reached refinement in “source-based prescribing,” which most fully acknowledges and utilizes such connections. At the philosophical core of these ideas is the obvious statement that nature is full of phenomena, as described by chemistry, metallurgy, botany, physics and biology. There are plenty of additional ways besides these sources in which all parts of nature are expressed and interact with man. Living proofs of these are fairytales, legends, myths, traditional medicinal uses, economic avail, industrial applications and other relationships between men and animals, plants or minerals. In fact, rather than a proving being just a fragment of life, it appears that all of life is a giant, on-going proving. When applicable, these sources are used to correlate with existing materia medica for a comprehensive understanding of a remedy. The Materia Medica is subdivided into 4 Sections, which are Mind, Generals, Sensations and Locals. The sections contain individualizing characteristics and key symptoms. Out of a preponderant amount of materia medica information, these listings help focus on significant symptoms. They are derived from both clinical and proving symptoms for a balanced approach. Repertory rubrics are up-to-date, being derived from the Synthesis Repertory in the Radar OPUS program. Additional information is obtained from a wide variety of international Materia Medicas. A completely new feature, the PLUS GROUP consists of several distinctive characteristics or symptoms that define the remedy. Generally, the most distinct quality is listed first. With each added symptom, the possibility of this being the desired remedy increases. For example, the first line plus the second line makes the remedy more defined. Add the third line to the other two and that makes it even more likely that this remedy is correct. The more lines of the group are added “plus” by “plus”, the more confident one can be that the remedy fits the patient.

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     This book contains the best healing traditions of the world for the health advocates of the 21st century and comprises the contributions from the experts in the field of holistic medicine and rehabilitation. It emphasises on the need for a sustainable holistic model of rehabilitation. The author has traced the historical evolution of the medicine and has revealed the complementary and alternative medicine and also the feasibility and effectiveness of holistic rehabilitation. It attempts to demonstrate exemplary medical models like Classical Chinese Medicine and Classical Homeopathy, so that health professionals can have a comprehensive understanding of the core values of the holistic medical systems of the world.

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