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    A practitioner oriented publication which is meant to be kept handy at the clinic. The author has given therapeutic indications on various states encountered in daily practice. This book is being placed in the hand of homeopathic physician after a monumental labour of more than 24 years. It will have the physicians render the best possible service to his patient in the least time required to do so. Learn More

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  2. Lotus Materia Medica Lotus Materia Medica

    Lotus Materia Medica

    Materia Medica literally translates to Materials of Medicine. Lotus Materia Medica is a compilation of the special qualities of medicinal substances. It is a concise compilation of homeopathic knowledge on over one thousand two hundred homeopathic and herbal remedies. The vast area of information covered in this book is almost sufficient to make one a knowledgeable homeopath or herbalist. The preface of the book mentions the changes from the previous edition, following which is a small introduction. It then proceeds to a homeopathic and herbal remedy outlook, elaborating them in detail. This outlook defines and explains each section that will be found under each remedy. The book is neatly segregated into various sections. The first section is called Pharmacy. This section contains Latin and common names of various substances, dosing history, astrological information and more. The second section is called History. Here, historical information on the various substances dealt with is mentioned. The third section is called Homeopathic, where general and therapeutic homeopathic and herbal uses are given. The fourth section is called Clinical, where clinical conditions that a substance has previously been used to treat, are provided. The fifth section is called Mind, where emotional and psychological symptoms are provided. Learn More

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  3. Homoeopathic Medical Repertory Homoeopathic Medical Repertory

    Homoeopathic Medical Repertory

    The third editon of The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory was designed to be a complete rewrite and major upgrade of the Homeopathic Medical Repertory, second edition. My attempt has always been to create a new and easy-to-use repertory for homeopaths to use in daily practice, while still remaining accessible for use at home and in the classroom. The changes made in this 3rd edition comprise my attempts to build on that philosophy. The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory contains hundreds of new remedies and thousands of new rubrics in addition to many thousands of updates and additions. Learn More

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  4. Textbook of Practice of Medicine Textbook of Practice of Medicine

    Textbook of Practice of Medicine

    The Present Edition of this book has been revised to keep the readers in step with the latest advancements made in the field of medicine & homeopathic therapeutics but keeping in view the need of the students the irrelevant matter has been avoided in the book making it a handy reference. The third revised edition includes:- * Therapeutics index at the end of each chapter for quick & easy reference * A separate chapter on the "Diseases of Liver and Biliary System" * New chapters have been added such as "Lifestyle Disorders", Geriatric Diseases", "Diseases of water and electrolytes imbalance" * Indigestion have been revised in accordance with the recent advancements * The best pattern of teaching medicine which includes definition, etiology, signs and symptoms, lab investigations, differential diagnosis, complications, treatment with complete Homeopathic therapeutics which has been greatly enlarged. The book will definitely prove to be a constructive part in the studies of a serious learner. Learn More

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    This book opens the world of microbes and parasites around us, so that we are able to treat the diseases caused by them.  This is the only book which comprises of both microbiology and parasitology under one bind.Immunology part is made simple, so that students can easily understand the concepts of immunity in dealing with the foreign agents.A special chapter on immunisation has also been included.


    Learn More

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  6. A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica

    A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica

    This book is in real sense a key to homoeopathic materia medica. Something which is useful for bed-side prescription as well as for quick revision. An introductory note has been added by Norbert Winter which briefs about the utility and structure of the book making it easier for the readers to understand the practicality of this work.

    The book is divided into three parts:

    1) 203 pages Repertory and supplemental reference table

    2) 291 pages Materia  Medica which is laid out in physiological spheres of activities with modalities and relationships

    3) 6 pages section of 3 appendices

    It has a fascinating layout and concept. Each remedy is presented in concise and clear words. In Boger's layout you can easily see which remedy affects which specific part of the body. Here, at a glance, this all is available. This book intends to make the general expression or genius of each remedy, thereby helping the prescriber to correct the manner of his practice.

    The repertory is too instructive in its own way and many hints can be gathered from its unusual layout. It can also be applied as the "supplemental reference table".

    Cyrus Maxwell Boger (May 13, 1861 - September 2, 1935) was born in western Pennsylvania. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and then gained his medical degree from Hahnemann College in Philadelphia in 1888. He settled in West Virginia, where he spent the rest of his life. He brought Boenninghausen’s  Characteristics and Repertory into the English Language in 1905. He wrote the Synoptic Key and Repertory in 1915 and General Analysis and Card Index in 1931. Boger served as the IHA president in 1904. He was on the faculty of the AFH postgraduate course from 1924 until his death. He died at the age of 74 from food poisoning.

    Learn More

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  7. Homeopathic Upchar Homeopathic Upchar

    Homeopathic Upchar

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  8. Find Your Remedy Find Your Remedy

    Find Your Remedy

    *This book is an A to Z guide for all who want to learn homeopathy and use it. This book gives detailed information about various diseases, the recommended homeopathic medicines with their doses, dietary advice and plenty of illustrations which help in understanding the subject in an interesting way. *This book is unique as it contains knowledge of medicines, diseases, their cause and prevention, illustrations to explain food which saves the time of the physicians from studying the vast materia medica and repertory. *The third edition includes new chapters such as: Adultry,Adrenalitis, Athlete's foot, Autism, Chlorosis, Pelvic Floor Prolapse, Vulvodynia etc with new illustrations. *Remedies have been arranged alphabetically, making it an easy reference. *Methods of surgery have also been included and has compared the conventional treatment with the homeopathic treatment at places. Learn More

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  9. Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathic Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathic

    Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathic

    We all know that homeopathy is being effectively practised for human beings for ages but through this book the author has mentioned the brilliant cures affected on the animals with homeopathic remedies by many veterinarians. The author has attempted to use these remedies as they are easy to administer, has no side effects and has the ability to cure all curable diseases of dumb animals. Learn More

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  10. Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit

    Guide to Homeopathic Family Kit

    This book is being offered to the general public with the honest intention of guiding the layman in the homeopathic self-treatment with Homeopathy. Indications of remedies in this book, are based on tips given by past & present stalwarts of homeopathy. In addition, text from various authentic source books is collected & incorporated in this book. For easy handling, phials in Homeopathic Kit are labeled from 1-40, & corresponding number of phial is placed in bracket along with name & indications in the book. Learn More

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