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  1. Lotus Materia Medica Lotus Materia Medica

    Lotus Materia Medica

    Materia Medica literally translates to Materials of Medicine. Lotus Materia Medica is a compilation of the special qualities of medicinal substances. It is a concise compilation of homeopathic knowledge on over one thousand two hundred homeopathic and herbal remedies. The vast area of information covered in this book is almost sufficient to make one a knowledgeable homeopath or herbalist. The preface of the book mentions the changes from the previous edition, following which is a small introduction. It then proceeds to a homeopathic and herbal remedy outlook, elaborating them in detail. This outlook defines and explains each section that will be found under each remedy. The book is neatly segregated into various sections. The first section is called Pharmacy. This section contains Latin and common names of various substances, dosing history, astrological information and more. The second section is called History. Here, historical information on the various substances dealt with is mentioned. The third section is called Homeopathic, where general and therapeutic homeopathic and herbal uses are given. The fourth section is called Clinical, where clinical conditions that a substance has previously been used to treat, are provided. The fifth section is called Mind, where emotional and psychological symptoms are provided. Learn More

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  2. Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia medica with a word & thumb index-Mini size Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia medica with a word & thumb index-Mini size

    Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia medica with a word & thumb index-Mini size

    The repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent became the standard and remains so until this day. Learn More

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  3. Repertory (Hindi-English) Repertory (Hindi-English)

    Repertory (Hindi-English)

    This fundamental work written by Dr. James Tyler Kent is offered to the profession as a basic Repertory and is a compilation of all the useful symptoms recorded in the fundamental work of our Materia Medica as well as from the notes of pioneers of homeopathy. In this work Kent included the clinical symptoms which were consistent with the nature of the remedy and omitted unverified symptoms. Learn More

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  4. Comparative Materia Medica Comparative Materia Medica

    Comparative Materia Medica

    In order to master the art of prescription one should not only learn materia medica but should also be able to differentiate between remedies. Comparative Materia Medica is one of the finer ways of understanding the distinct nature of each remedy and it also a step towards reducing the probability of error in our prescriptions. This work is one of the classical works on comparison of drugs for their action on various organs and conditions. This book has comparisons at various levels; begining with the differentiation of remedies for various conditions, comparisons of remedies which usually come up together for various clinical conditions, comparisons of remedies of the same stock where different remedies of same group have been discussed and the comparison of allied remedies. The last chapter on therapeutic hints is beneficial for bed-side reference. Its's a worth read and like preparing for a sure shot prescription Learn More

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  5. Dental Disease and their Homeopathic Treatment Rev Ed Dental Disease and their Homeopathic Treatment Rev Ed

    Dental Disease and their Homeopathic Treatment Rev Ed

    in-depth look at more than 120 skin diseases dealing with their definition, synonyms, symptomology, diagnosis, prognosis and homeopathic treatments of each of them. He has included a chart of characteristics of over 80 of the more common diseases as well as a detailed glossary and a chapter on diet and hygiene. A valuable reference work for practitioners. Learn More

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  6. Homoeopathic Quick Bed-Side Prescriber Homoeopathic Quick Bed-Side Prescriber

    Homoeopathic Quick Bed-Side Prescriber

    In today's era, as literacy levels are growing, people are moving towards natural systems of medicine, realising the harmful effects of conventional system. They want to keep themselves away from surgeon's knife as well as unwanted medication. The book 'Quick Bed-side Prescriber' is devised for the same class of people who believe in the natural art covered alphabetically. First the ailment is explained elaborately, followed by medicines which can treat it effectively. This book will be useful for those who have interest in homeopathy and want to use homeopathy for themselves and their family. It is a labour saving device and a ready reckoner, providing therapeutic pointers not only in common ailments but even in cases of emergencies. Learn More

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  7. The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schüssler The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schüssler

    The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schüssler

    The following treatise contains all that Schussler wrote on the subject. The symptoms have been complied from the entire available literature and enriched with author's personal experience. Since its first edition in 1888 and thereafter, its steadily increasing demand has exhausted four large editions and necessitated the preparation of a fifth edition. Topics covered: Introduction, History, Theory, Health and Diseases, Preparation, Dose, Biochemic and Homeopathic relationship. Materia medica of the twelve tissue remedies, symptoms, common name, chemical data, general action, characterstic indications, homeopathic data, administration, relationship etc. Therapeutic application of the twelve tissue remedies, comprising indications and clinical cases, alphabetically arranged. Repertory of the twelve tissue remedies, arranged upon a pathologico- anatomical basis. Learn More

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    1. Easy to understand language. No complicated words or sentences. Even a student from non-English medium will understand the language.

    2. Simplified explanation of each drug.

    3. Guide lines for students about ‘HOW TO STUDY HOMOEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA’.

    4. Useful for students of all years of BHMS and MD course.

    5. With Therapeutic Index and Glossory

    6. Flow Chart of Remedies at a Glance

    7. Foreword by Vice-Chancellor of Maharastra University of Health Sciences Nashik (MS)

    8. Special chapter of Bio-Chemic System of Medicine

    9. 180 Homoeopathic Medicines

               10.Special chapter regarding introduction

    Learn More

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  9. Homoeopathic Therapeutics Homoeopathic Therapeutics

    Homoeopathic Therapeutics

    An outstanding and laborious effort by a pioneer in the field of homoeopathic therapeutics. It is a complete work and an easy reference book listing various disorders alphabetically with remedy reference. This therapeutic manual offers a wide array of ailments and clinical conditions with thorough and reliable remedy differentiation. Learn More

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  10. Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

    Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

    As there was a demand for discovering a device which can serve as an index to the ever enlarging Materia Medica, Dr Boenninghausen picked up the gauntlet. He published Therapeutic Pocket Book in 1846, wherein he incorporated information from his rich clinical experience and his earlier works 'Repertory of Anti-psoric Medicines', 'Repertory of the Medicines which are not Anti-psoric and 'Attempt at Showing the Relative Kinship of Homoeopathic Medicines'. This repertory is useful in cases which have complete symptoms, prominent sensation and modalities, prominent concomitants and cases where general symptoms are lacking. Relationship of remedies are available in the last chapter. It has 5 grade system to evaluate the symptoms. This book was written originally in German. This translation had been edited by Allen & is considered to be the most valuable edition. Allen rearranged this book and also added 220 remedies. * An invaluable bedside reference used by Master Hahnemann himself, frequently preferred over other works. * Systematic with detailed information on various locations, sensations, modalities and relationship of remedies * The work that paved the way for all the future repertories Learn More

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