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  1. Ammonium Sour Prunes Ammonium Sour Prunes

    Ammonium Sour Prunes

    The book explains how Ammonium salts are represented in the repertory yet are not frequently prescribed. A useful treatise exploring the therapeutic properties of the ammonium salts in diseases of diverse kind. Must read for ready student & ardent practitioner of the healing art. Learn More

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  2. Skin: Homeopathic Approach To Dermatology Skin: Homeopathic Approach To Dermatology

    Skin: Homeopathic Approach To Dermatology

    Skin diseases contribute to a significant proportion of our common day to day ailments. That they can be removed in their totality by the carefully selected internal remedy without transference / recurrence is wherein lies the superiority of homeopathy. The author has given a detailed account of all the major skin conditions with their causation, diagnosis and homeopathic treatment in the most easy and comprehensible manner. This book will be of immense help in offering differentials to the younger and less experienced practitioner as it will be to the undergraduate learner in their understanding of the therapeutics of skin diseases.

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  3. Fascinating Fungi Fascinating Fungi

    Fascinating Fungi

    the book is about miraculous cures by a new method of healing - homeopathy which has been practised for a century and which can be employed by all. Among them are numerous cases of paralysis, cancer, sarcoma, blindness, deafness, insanity etc. these diseases are considered incurable but homeopaty has given the most striking cures, have about 50 cures including babies and animals.

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    The book explains lucidly every aspect of Silicea ranging from its historical background, proving, pharmacology to the evolution of Silicea personality. It also includes comparison of Silicea with other remedies. It is an interesting book to increase our knowledge about this inert substance. Learn More

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    This is an enlarged edition of a great work Dr. Master with an ocean of tips for understanding the patient remedies and bedside prescribing. The author entails minute details with regards to the differentiating features of the remedies. . The book provides the students a better insight into the remedies listed as specific homoeopathic remedies for various disease conditions based upon the author's vast experience of the last 38 years of practicing classical homoeopathy. . This book also enlightens the readers with the work of different masters of homoeopathy on the subject enlisting their clinical tips. . The chapeters have been divided from head to toe including various systems of the human body . It consists of more than 500 clinical symptoms and conditions along with various remedy tips. . A special chapter on tops related to plants and animals have also been added. Learn More

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  6. Perceiving Rubrics of Mind Perceiving Rubrics of Mind

    Perceiving Rubrics of Mind

    Here comes the marvelous and authentic work of Dr. Farokh J. Master to understand the rubrics of mind. Our materia medica is so cumbersome that even the best prescribers need to refer to a repertory. The correct interpretation of rubrics mentioned in the section of mind is indeed very difficult and confusing. The only way left is to go through voluminous dictionaries. In order to solve this purpose this book came into light. . The rubrics are mentioned alphabetically from A to Z . Adjacent to the main rubrics the source of the rubrics is mentioned . The cross-references are mentioned wherever applicable . Meaning and explanation of the rubrics is mentioned . Mental symptoms of the patient are co-related with various psychological conditions . Important remedies pertaining to that rubrics are also mentioned for quick reference Learn More

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  7. Naja-Naja-Naja Naja-Naja-Naja


    The author has tried to give maximum amount of reliable information regarding snake venoms in minimum space. An investigation into the source & ecology to bring to life a realistic drug picture of the same. Learn More

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  8. Agitated Argentums Agitated Argentums

    Agitated Argentums

     If gold is the king of metals, then silver may be rightly called the "Queen of Metals". Since time immemorial silver is known to possess disinfected properties and is used to keep drinking water clean. Today we know that silver has the capability to destroy harmful germs in water and eradicate 650 types of disease-carrying germs. Pharmacologically, silver compounds are described as powerful disinfectants from their action in coagula-ting the proteins of bacteria. 

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    Provides a brief look at the features and natural habits of spiders and how these relate to the various remedies made from these creatures. In addition to the individual characteristics, Master has discovered the properties of various spider poisons that he has used to bring about some wonderful recoveries.

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  10. Tubercular Miasm Tuberculins Tubercular Miasm Tuberculins

    Tubercular Miasm Tuberculins

    The repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent became the standard and remains so until this day.

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