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Lesser Writings of Hahnemann

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The origin of the electro-homoeopathic system of medicine dates back in the 1800's when an Italian researcher called Count Caesar Mattei came up with the theory that diseases originated from derangement of either blood or lymph and that they could be cured by a proper utilization of the active ingredients of a large number of plants. Supported by a materia medica of 114 plant remedies, the system closely resembles homoeopathy in its method of potentising drugs for use.The book is the result of an analytical study carried out on 114 medicinal plants in relation to their composition and medicinal properties. The authors have also attempted to provide for a thorough classification of the plants used, together with information on the part used and active principles. It is hoped that this piece of information will be absolutely invaluable in affecting a radical cure in its true essence.
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