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The Genius of Homoeopathic Remedies

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The book stresses on highly characteristic & the red line symptoms of our materia medica, running through the whole pathogenesis of the remedy & is aimed at creating a clear & distinct ,conceptual image of the remedy in the minds of the readers. 

“The genius of homeopathic remedies” stresses upon the symptoms of a remedy which are highly characteristic and run like a red strand through the whole pathogenesis of the remedy as the universal symptoms. The genius of each drug is divided into 10 headings i.e., keynotes; which are the most marked symptoms, synopsis; contains the guiding symptoms which will make us think of the remedy, mind; describes the symptoms of the mental sphere and the disposition, and others being, objective symptoms, causation, modalities, physical generals, sexual sphere, child, peculiar common and characteristic symptoms. To provide an ease in understanding the purpose and use of the book there are separate chapters describing.

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